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Found 6 results

  1. Up 18% today on no news. I thought it was too cheap when it traded at $2.00, but I can't explain recent strength since it landed at $3.50. Maybe has something to do with LDK trouble, and provincial politics. Will Jinko as Jiangxi's other big solar benefit from the LDK situation?
  2. I am starting this thread for members to share their actions on the market outside of single trade. I see a lot of good info coming from members which are commenting on a larger scale than solar. I also see that solar universe is becoming land-locked with its internal issues. While I fully understand opportunities in contrarian approach, frequently market does not offer awards for being right, and in particular in solar it hard to be awarded if you get ahead of conditions, see them delivered only to observe no reaction or even negative reaction. Understanding limitations, this thread also combines beyond solar views. Finally, I am not sure where to package my thoughts on some plans I have for investing in dividend walks. For one, it takes a lot of time and effort to find things. It makes only sense to share this with those who support the cost of the side. I encourage everyone to share your views, in this scope. Thank you
  3. Hanwha is doing well these days. A lot of alignment with the global setting due to Koreans owning the company. Costs somewhat high, but should leverage on sales with huge potential for EPC segment.
  4. Interestingly we did not have much info on the ReneSola in regards of their operational capacity. We are working on the article about Q3 shipments, showing significant drop in module shipments but ReneSola looks it is able beat its guidance on export numbers only (around 150MW)
  5. dydo

    JA Solar (JASO)

    JA looks like it has very small amount of sales on export, versus their projections. Those sales in Mainland will offset this hopefully.
  6. dydo

    JKS Q2 Report

    Jinko reports Q2 results
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