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  1. Explo, I am thinking to add JASO at this level. I am curious what's your take on JASO's valuation relative to TSL right now. TSL is going private at $11. JASO CEO offered $9 a long time ago, which gives a big upside based on current stock price if the buyout comes through. Maybe the CEO wants to low ball the shareholders again, but I don't think he can go below the fair valuation relative to TSL. Thank you in advance for your opinion.
  2. Glad to see good price action for CSIQ this morning. Maybe a little short covering is going on? Anyhow, exited all my CSIQ. Will buy back at $12 if it ever happens again. Good luck to all longs.
  3. Add CSIQ here too. Best of luck to everyone long solar.
  4. ahhh, Explo is travelling again:)
  5. Don't know whether it break $26 this year. It will be there some day if they emerge as one of the survivors from this round of so called "overcapacity", which I believe they will as tier ones are still providing decent forecast for the year. I will be very happy if it makes to $20 this year. Who knows the price won't get a bump with some hints from CSIQ on what they would to with plants in Japan and US.
  6. Lol. Good luck jet. I hope for a bounce from this level for the solar stock as I feel a little over extended with my allocation on solar. I would definitely have an exit strategy and start to take losses if they break key supports. I still regret not taking loss when SOL dropped below $8 in May '11. Won't let that happen again.
  7. I see the lack of interest in solar stock on this board as one of the indicators for a short term bottom.
  8. Bought some TSL and more CSIQ today. May bail on TSL if it break $7. For CSIQ, I hope it won't visit the low before Q1 release given the good reaction to Q1 release.
  9. I added TSL today and lowered my exposure on both Csiq and jks. If TSL is going back to close to $7 again, I will add more. For Jaso, I will consider buy in $6.7 range. In that case, I am afraid cisq and jks would be a lot lower than the current price.
  10. There seems to be $1~2 gap between Jaso and TSL most of time in the past two years. I bought TSL instead of Jaso. Plus, TSL has more institution buyers, make it more difficult for the management to pull off shady deals in privatization, I hope. I would be happy for round trips between $8 and $9 before clear trend is established in solar. Just feel safer this way. That said, I do have larger holding in JKS than TSL and Csiq now, hoping for long term gain.
  11. Fwiw, the Volatility of TSL share price might be related to the uncertainty of buy out due to potential hurdles from the Chinese government. There are rumblings from Bloomberg and forbs on QIHU about this. Not sure how this play out for TSL is buyout is banned.
  12. Maybe that's the reason for TSL's share price drop. Or someone has inside information on some bad news. Who knows. LDK and YGE has been supper aggressive with high debt and stretch of unprofitable quarters. STP were brought down by a bad decision triggered default. TSL's track record is far more consistent. At 45% discount of buyout price. I started half position. Will do another half near $7 or after quarterly report. A little surprised for the lack of interest on this board.
  13. Not sole position but prime position at 70% with TSL as the other position at 30%. Sure hope Csiq goes to mid 20 soon. Or a quick decision from TSL on privatization.
  14. Yes, indeed. Sold part of CSIQ and moved to Tsl. It might be a good day to go on margins on this lagger with tight stop for day trade.
  15. Expo, JASO share price is close to the buy-out price. Are you hopping the CEO to raise that? Not sure how many Chinese companies have done that before. The risk reward seem to favor CSIQ at this price.
  16. Koolinv

    Trina Solar (TSL)

    Good prediction, Payback. However, I will not go back to SOL again. I was burned badly by their lie about poly plant once. I will not risk myself being burned by that company again. It's interesting that JASO reached the buy out price by the CEO today. I sold my last batch of JASO. May buy back if it drop to high $8. I sold most of TSL yesterday and will unload the rest if the share price reach the buy out price. Moving forward, I will keep CSIQ for long term and watch for opportunity to by FSLR.
  17. Koolinv

    JA Solar (JASO)

    Not Explo but I believe JASO will do well financially as a company. Unfortunately, I am not sure whether that will translate to better share price as it will be capped at $9.69 unless the sleazeball CEO and board bump up the offering price or are forced to do so. I sold 2/3 of my holding yesterday and wait for a miracle with the rest of share. Good luck to all who are long JASO.
  18. Explo or others who live in Germany, I am on a business trip in Berlin for the week. Is it safe to login my trading account with iphone through hotel wifi to trade? By the way, love the city and people here. Thanks.
  19. Koolinv

    JA Solar (JASO)

    Whatever the committee's decision, I just wish that they announce it soon. Buyout with higher price is possible but not probable given the sleazeball CEO that we came to know from last offer. And yes, I don't think the so called "independent" board is truly "independent". Nonetheless, we can still take whatever the premium and put it into other solar names if they green light buyout soon. The worst outcome for JASO holders is that the independent board keeps dragging on the decision and approve the buyout with $9.6 after share price of CN3 recovers significantly from this level while JASO is capped by $9.6. If the CEO walks away, I will keep my JASO because I still think it's the best value stock amongst CN4.
  20. I had problem with fidelity as well. trying to swap to CSIQ but couldn't get the fund show up for a little while after sold. missed 8% rebound. On another note, hopefully we see the flush out bottom today.
  21. CSIQ may be green at the end of day.
  22. Nasdaq down 2.2% right now and Jks is having 15% down day after good earning. It gives me flash back of 2010 when we had this big swings in earning day for a few names like Jaso. However, this time around, fundamental are much better andcoo pant guidance is strong for this and next year. cn3 is less dependent on subsidiary and trade tariff is already as bad as it could be. Regardless which direction china stock market goes, the chinese government HAVE TO pump money to environment clean-up to prenvent riot due to unbearable air pollution. Solar will prosper and Jks, tsl share price will snap back hopefully soon when market stabilizes.
  23. maybe many knew the results a few days ahead and sell today taking profit? Bought some at $10.23 for the long term. Slowly transition from JASO to TSL in case at the time JASO goes private, TSL share price appreciates much from this level.
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