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  1. That in my view is very low for a stock with close to $20 BV
  2. My concern is while the entire sector was flying, it did not participate in the upward movement. But does face the same downward pressure as others. This despite of there being nothing fundamentally wrong. Appreciate your insight.
  3. I mean, stock price is a disappointment compared to the worth of the company. I don't know what I am missing.
  4. Explo, u are expert on JASO. What is wrong with it ? Thanks
  5. I mean, market trying to maintain the same yield gap between PEGI and treasuries as was when the treasuries were high.
  6. Falling treasuries the reason ?
  7. Would not PEGI get affected by the events ?
  8. Thanks Roof. I too saw that link, but was not sure about its authenticity. I do not see it anywhere else. http://www.marketwatch.com/tools/stockresearch/updown
  9. Thanks Roof. Is this news correct though ? A neutral rating with $9 target ?
  10. You mean, your buy target ?
  11. Are you a buyer at these levels. If not, at what levels ? Thanks
  12. FSLR volume is mind-boggling. Just on an analyst downgrade ?
  13. Thanks pg6. At what price do you get interested in FSLR ?
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