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  1. It is a mess...A real mess... I hope it gets better...But I am personally running out of hope.
  2. Wow, just read the transcript of the conference call. It's terrible being invested in these Chinese companies! They don't say anything, the analyst don't ask them anything and when there is a question the answer is unintelligable. I have no idea where they are going as a company...they are building projects...are they going to keep them, sell them, give them away to the poor...who knows...are they going to go private?...Well HELL no one ask's them that...who cares...right?.....WTF...Unbelievable...just pathetic!!!
  3. I think it's the way they put out the 2016 Revenue. As a Chinese company you have to be very specific and I think what they said was mis-leading and made the company look like they were going to miss 2016 big time. You know what that means...CN-4 gets crushed. "The above revenue guidance does not include the potential sale of solar power plants that the Company currently owns and operates, or expects to reach commercial operation in 2016 in OECD countries. The Company remains flexible in ways to monetize these assets in order to maximize shareholder's return, and may consider selling some of its OECD solar plants, in which case revenue for the full year is expected to be in the range of $3.2 billion to $3.6 billion, an increase of $300 million to $500 million over our base forecast".
  4. I wonder how Gordon Johnson will spin this! Cause you know he's going to try. I think he will go after the gross margins, only thing he can attack.
  5. OK, why did JASO pre Report? Any ideas out there? Reall strange move especially if the Chairman is trying to steal the company with that Low-Ball bid.
  6. Very sorry the hear this Odyd, it is a very difficult time. Try to treasure the memories.
  7. The third party Module sales in all the different countries that they were in kept their name and reputation as a major player in the limelight but it didn't do anything for the bottom line. I am glad that they are going to significantly reduce this portion of their business. I want them to continue to focus on downstream, LED, and Wafers (since the timing is right for Wafers right now). The one thing that SOL has always done is to go "all in" when they get into a segment. When they decided a few years ago to get into selling Modules they ramped up really quickly. When they decided to go to outsourcing Modules they ramped up third party sites in a number of other Countries very quickly. I hope they ramp up the developer and assets manager portion quickly because it is really paying the bills. The LED segment is really exciting because of the margins and it seems like they are going to ramp quickly now that they have developed a whole catalog of products. And did you catch in the conference call that they are also dipping their toes into Windmill development....Very Interesting!
  8. All good points. We will have to see how this plays out. It is the building and selling of the PV plants that is sustaining them and making the stock exciting again and paying off a bunch of past mistakes. Maybe, just maybe they are finally getting it right. And if they are getting it right and the back-log keeps growing who knows where the stock will go. The volume in the stock today is more than any other Chinese solar...Investors are excited!
  9. They have really been repairing thier balance sheet. I hope they continue to do so. It seems that the recently departed CFO was the one responsible for the good fiscal management. It would be a major lift to thier share price that when they hire a new CFO he or she is someone with some clout in the industry and a good track record.
  10. Can you believe Briefing.com is showing JASO earnings as a .10 cent miss...Can you believe the manipulation!
  11. WOW....Knocked that one out of the park! The left fielder didn't even move....
  12. Not a lot of volume today but it seems like the price movement may be indicating that real good earnings are coming tomorrow. Of course we usually get slaughtered if that is the case. Good luck all JASO holders.
  13. China hikes 2015 target PV installation capacity by 5.3GWpNuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Friday 2 October 2015]China's National Energy Administration (NEA) has upward adjusted target installation capacity for PV power-generating stations and distributed PV systems established around China in 2015 from 17.8GWp to 23.1GWp, increasing 5.3GWp or 29.78%, according to NEA. The 5.3GWp focuses on PV power-generating stations, which should start establishment by the end of 2015 and connect to local power grids by the end of June 30, 2016, NEA said.
  14. I love the fact that they put out a press release stating that they were in fact actually engaged in their share buy-back. I think many times when a Chinese company declares a buy-back everyone just assumes that it is Bullpoop, that they are just declaring with no intention of actually doing it. Look at JASO for example. They declared a buy-back...did nothing forever, then came out with some rules for how low the price had to be before they would buy-back and then the stock tanks and they just nibble instead of aggressively buying back. This is the kind of stuff that makes you lose faith in the Chinese companies. WAY TO GO RENESOLA.....BRAVO!
  15. Does I'll take a bid here" mean that you woud sell JASO at this price? Kind of confused by your statment.
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