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    Jinko just confirmed maintaining 1.2GW in-house capacity exiting 2013, so what was 1.5GW derived from? From them projecting 1.2GW to 1.5GW 2013 shipments? Or is additional 300MW are for projects in addition to 1.2GW? Thanks.
  2. Well that's what short squeeze can accomplish. May be that Chinese stock with same short interest as FSLRS' will have a likewise move (once they have good news).
  3. If I may, I'd like to take it one step further. Why even bother posting "news" headlines links (Without Commentary) when readily available at all news wires? We all here have access to it and can read English. I would understand news available only in foreign countries/language, but not otherwise. Commentary is great as it may provide a different perspective, otherwise it just redundant.
  4. Not sure if I understood OP's question exactly, but tax software like TurboTax does an import from your broker (or any financial institution) and re-formats all closed trades into 8949. Just need to make sure that their books (that's what gets reported to IRS) is correct by matching to your SS.
  5. Well Lepv123, if I did not believe that I would have sold out (it almost hit my average of a very large position). Having said that, if I have known then (past February) that stock would fall to $4 in just over one month, I would have sold out and then doubled position last week. Of course the rules of the game are if they run a stock up 500% in 6-7 months time frame - you must sell or "they" will punish you. So take it for what it is - no one here knows, everything is a guesstimate only. JKS used to be an excellent "traders" stock with daily moves of 10% or more in both directions due to very low float with good EPS in 2010-11. I believe those days will be revisited once they're profitable again. Just have to wait till Wednesday and see if an expected headline miss will bring stock lower to buy more (to average down). Recent low of under $4 just missed my buy order. Why did they bring it up 20% yesterday? I have no idea. Judging from the passed, it could be an ER lick on a positive side (I'm pessimistic of that) as well as give "them" room (this is my guess) to bring it back down again tomorrow (at least initially). We shall soon see.
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    Thanks for clearing it up, Odyd. I just read your article that explains that JKS did expend from 1200 to 1500.
  7. pg6solar

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    Just compared February data to January. JKS' yearly capacity stated at 1,500 MW. Is that correct? I know they exited the year with 1,200 without any expansion plans. Did they ever announce it? I know I'm not supposed to state numbers since some that bought February might not have bought January. So I'll try to be as vague as possible. Did CSIQ state that they will increase yearly capacity to 2,100 from that other number? And HSOL actually shown as decreasing slightly. Any color on that too, anyone? Thanks.
  8. I tried to be as general as possible without providing specifics.
  9. Unfortunately, the latest export data is for February (not March) and per that data their annual capacity is greater than 1.3GW and they shipped nothing into the highest ASP market.
  10. Well based on latest export data (if correct), both 1.3GW capacity and selling into highest ASP markets are debatable.
  11. As expected, they all move as a pack.
  12. I would not touch Dq stock nor the company. As far as Jaso's low float. CSIQ's is almost as low, while JKS' is a half. As per February export data alone, its easy to see which two of the three are "up" there. Add brand recognition (as a module supplier) and there is nothing left to add. I think China-11 is fast becoming China-5 plus 1.
  13. The "problem" with DQ stock is its low float - its impossible to buy (enough of) it low and then sell it all high.
  14. Well JKS dropped (from recent highs) the most (DQ excluded), but it also "ran" the most (DQ excluded) and is the only solar 11 still at double of (relatively) recent lows. Do not know what to make of such a late ER (they normally reported early relative to others). Headline is almost guaranteed to be as bad as others, so (at least) initial drop is likely. Interesting what kind of analyst "interest" will be shown. Will be known soon enough.
  15. Yes. (Renesola is not the only solar company out there).
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