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  1. Sounds like a great advice - buy high (sell low?). So there was no reason to buy CSIQ in low teen$ for most of last year, but all the reasons to buy it in low (almost mid) $20s earlier this week? I think I need to go back to school as I'm missing all the logic behind it.
  2. Interesting, I'm planning to trim PEGI holdings by 50% if/when mid $23s will arrive and will sell out if it goes over $25. While dividend is safe (I think 5 "no"s to dividend cut mean "safe"), they still will need money to grow and secondary will certainly take place then.
  3. Jinko will ship upto 15GW in 2019!!! How much will FSLR? (Does AMZN ring the bell? How long were they profitless before they dominated? Look at hem now.) No, I do not have position in Jinko nor in any other solar (although I should have).
  4. JKS' double in 3 months (almost a triple in 4 months) combined with a massive contract with DQ announce the other day (a.k.a. expansion) smells like a secondary is coming.
  5. CSIQ is over $20...and on a huge market down day. Wow!
  6. It's unlikely any one company specific. They're all up. JKS ( a lot), DQ, even FSLR. If anything, maybe they will remove tariffs as part of the CN "deal"? Then FSLR should be down, but it's not. Sold out of all solars yesterday (too early). Unless we'll see close to recent lows, I'll be solarless going forward. (Still have large PEGI/CWEN exposure).
  7. Yet JKS just hit a 5 months high.
  8. They were asked why their competitors (read CSIQ) reported significantly higher margins. The reply was basically "it is not sustainable". Keep in mind that CSIQ reported exactly double GMs of JKS (taking CVD out, 25% or so for CSIQ vs. 12.5% or so for JKS). How can this great margins disparity continue? JKS said they expect margins to remain stable (read mid-upper 12% not including one timers, not 15%+ they said before). This means CSIQ's manufacturing business margins have to go down eventually or sooner than later.
  9. Jinko has changed timing of its CC from 6:30 AM to 7:30AM. That and CSIQ's reported about 25% GMs on manufacturing business, I'm cautiously optimistic now for next Monday.
  10. CSIQ's manufacturing margins were outstanding. How will JKS do? I guess anything over15%GMs and JKS should run considering it was murdered over the last few months.
  11. Qu is not considering options 1) and 3). His reply was: "...A very good question. Why don't you ask the same all the other solar companies?". He clearly focused on option 2). What is the dividend FSLR, with no debt, pays? Correct, none. How about AAPL with billion$ and billion$ and billion$? 1.5%, that's it. If they want dividend, they should buy PEGI or CWEN.
  12. The question is, why its not falling (yet)? Is it because CN solars risk on again - both DQ and JKS up around 33-35% from very recent lows?
  13. The way I understood today's PR, CSIQ is nowhere close to going private and more importantly IMHO not at $18.47 if it ever happens. Let's see how long it will take for CSIQ to JKS PPS gap to be significantly eroded.
  14. UBS cuts JKS from $18 (that's what sold shares for in February) to $12. They maintain "buy" which is 50% upside at today's price of $8 and I will gladly take $12, but now not in a year.
  15. In August of 2012, JKS was at $2 with MC of only $50M. With current market correction, it went down from $12 something to $7 something in one month. If "they" are correct by saying that "correction" is only half done, who is to say that JKS won't touch $2 something again with further market plunge?
  16. Its not the day, its the time. Who going to be on the call at 6:30AM? The point being that report might be even (much) worse that's already expected.
  17. JKS reports on Nov. 26...CC is at 6:30AM! That's Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend. I guess they do not want anyone on the call. I wonder why?
  18. Same "news" as why FSLR hit below $43.
  19. Assuming CSIQ will go private well before 2020, the question remains will JKS? Because if JKS will "go private" too, who cares about huge CN install number after 2020, since we'll have no way to "participate".
  20. Just check the calendar. Jinko reported Q1 on June 26th! Shame on them. "Go private" or not, they are no longer to be trusted. There's only one left for now and hopefully Qu will keep his word. Then the true king - FSLR - will be the only one US listed. While I hope CSIQ can report close to 20-22% Q2 GMs guided, their Q1 call was in mid May or two weeks prior to CN policy shift, so unlike JKS, they have a valid reason should they come under, which most likely they will unless they sell more plants (which based on releases is unlikely). How market will look at it is anyone's guess.
  21. About two weeks ago JKS to CSIQ delta intraday was about .20 cents, then JKS ran up to over $2 in just over a week. In PM now delta is back to about .20 cents (I have now idea what CSIQ will report tomorrow, nor market's reaction to it).
  22. So first they blamed OEM for drop in GMs in Q2, now they are crediting OEM (due to falling component prices) as a defense of their Q1 comments regarding 15% GMs for H2. Time will tell.
  23. JKS' "explanation" of why GMs fell is total BS. They reported Q1 in mid June. They did not know that GMs will fall from 14% to 12% with two weeks left in Q2? Who will believe their H2 guidance of 15+% GMs with even more OEM?
  24. https://thefly.com/landingPageNews.php?id=2757779&headline=PEGI-Pattern-Energy-rating-change-
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