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  1. Hi Guys; long time no see. I have been out of solar stocks for quite some time and just visited this site again. I thought I give you a tip outside the solar world. Have been investing in GTE (Gran Tierra Energy) for quite some time now (tip on this website) and I think the stock will take off during the next earnings release. This company aquired quite some companies during the low price environment of the last years. The company is linked to Brent pricing and the oil price recovery did not translate to their share yet. This cannot be the case for long. See also press release of today: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/gran-tierra-energy-inc-achieves-001352881.html Regards, Luckygoose
  2. GTE (Gran Tierra Energy) -> nice debt free oil company. My bet for the coming period. Lucky
  3. Deleted my Abengoa post. Just saw it is old news. Sorry.
  4. This could maybe start a bidding war? Offer becomes more rediculous by the day.
  5. this HTML class. Value is http://finance.yahoo Boom. O,70
  6. Hi guys, I just switched my complete holdings from TSL to JASO. I have a gut feeling that these guys are going to post the first stellar results from the chinese producers. Seeing how crazy low they are valued it might bring some surprises to the table with regard to stock price development Maybe there are also some surprising developments regarding the share buy back program and take over bid. I think the pressure for the CEO is on and you cannot go wrong on the current level. Lucky
  7. Module prices up again according to pv insights. Heating demand from china and emerging markets. Looks like the promised shortage is in development.
  8. Does everybody now understand that the JASO ceo tries to steal the company just before the party is getting started. Now the pressure is on him to hurry up.
  9. Also zack has come out with strong buy advise.
  10. I think the warrants of JASO will expire on coming Sunday or Tuesday. My bet is that this is one of the reasons for the manipulation of the stock and maybe shortly after this date the bid is confirmed. Maybe this is also the reason why JASO is gaining today. Just wanted to let you guys know. Lucky
  11. Great opportunity for another company to make a bid on JASO slightly above the current bid and getting a company with the best technology for a crazy low price. Would not surprise me if such an offer is coming soon. Lucky
  12. There is a dollar sign in front of the 2 billion.
  13. What about FSLR guys. Is jaso not the opportunity for them also get a strong foothold in this type of field. One of the last rare opportunities out there. They would have the cash to do so.
  14. I think the party for JASO is just getting started. I cannot believe the CEO can take the company private on the proposed bidding. JASO will get a lot of attention from all the energy and solar companies now. My feeling says that JASO will receive alternative biddings in a short notice. It is one of the last very cheap healthy options available in an industry that is about to be the next big thing. If you can get all those GW; customer base and latest technology for that kind of investment you would be crazy not to overbid the current CEO proposal. During this period of time it was said that mergers and acquisitions would take place. The CEO of JASO could be the one that has just started the first openly bidding war. My feeling is that we are going to be surprised what kind of interest is out there. I really hope so because this whole JASO story is exactly how it felt all the time; manipulation at its finest. The CEO knows the second half of the year will be very strong. He knew this quater was one of the last opportunities to manipulate the stock price by bringing an on purpose bad quater result just before the company is going to take full advantage of the market dynamics that are around the corner. I trust there are a lot of interested companies out there that are not going to let this too good to be true story for this CEO happen. I am sitting front row and to be honest I think the street it does not understand what an incredable investment opportunity is available right now: 1. Already on the table: 9,69 USD/share from CEO -> you can buy on discount now 2. Free risk of taking advantage of a bidding war with possible huge gains. 3. If both will not go through you have bought JASO at the lower 9,.. number which is still a good price in my book. With all CEO saying a shortage in the second half of the year will come JASO could maybe be free from manipulation and see 9,..levels never again. Lucky
  15. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ja-solar-essel-infraprojects-limited-230000331.html JA Solar and Essel Infraprojects Limited Sign MOU on 500MW PV Joint Venture
  16. What about OE. Maybe this has also an influence.
  17. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/china-cuts-interest-rates-boost-092943680.html Another rate cut by China.
  18. Do you still have your sdrl odyd? Looking very good again today.
  19. Sdrl looking good lately.
  20. Sdrl is on current price level because of following reasons: oil was going to 30 usd bears said - not going to happen They would go bankrupt because of hight debt - too big to fail, national bank of norway already said they would back them up if they woul need support. Putting dividend on hold - institutional investors had to sell because of this. there management said current evironment would make them come out stronger. They have newest fleet in the industry and a lot of old rigs are being put to a final end. This makes less competition and a better evironment when oil recovers. lucky
  21. FYI they put dividend on hold until further notice to give it a better use in this difficult time.
  22. Just 12 months ago you would get a dividend of 1 dollar a quater I believe.
  23. Great pick odyd. I bought the the stock at 9,10 thinking that oil would recover. SDRL has the newest fleet available and they should gain most from the wipe out in the drilling industry. Newest fleet gets the higest dayrate and is most wanted. Lucky
  24. Thanks you to the person who gave the initial recommendation. I am in gte from 2,24 and keep on holding it as I think oil has had it worse time.
  25. Anyone aware of this list with percentages? http://pv.energytrend.com/news/20150309-8362.html
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