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  1. Candidly, I"m neither a scientist nor a stock analyst. I came to ELSE through BE forums. I've been a long time investor in Bloom since taking a look at what I perceived to be real long term potential for growth. Anything I might share here can be readily observed and read about at the company site www.bloomenergy.com All the financials are there. What initially attracted me were the minds from NASA that formed the company. Other highly respectable and well known people are on the Board - Colin Powell, to name just one. Lately Jeff Immelt joined. Now, you might be concerned there since his story with General Electric is often criticized. And he appears to have recently influenced the selection of the new CFO (also formerly of GE). It is alternative energy, even when a portion is fossil based. Hydrogen is part of the attractive story. The Clients shown on the web site are just home run names. OMG, these are power players electing Bloom for 'always on' power sourcing. The accounting issues are uncomfortable. However, I think with public pressure and transparency as they raise capital as needed during the next 18 months, the company valuation will grow significantly. There is a group of shorting investors that are putting heavy pressure on the stock, and I think they will lose big, if the capital markets continue to support Bloom.
  2. Thank you for your contribtuions, sir. I will be donating and remaining in the membership. I first came to this web site through a comment made by a fellow investor in Bloom Energy (BE). Would you be interested in developing a forum on this company, BE ?
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