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  1. ยด+ "extra cautious on guidance with all the unknowns about Covid 19"
  2. if short squezze on, will be again 20..s? i sell before 19,75 but...ok, i have a rest from jks to play if + 20:)
  3. hum,a big estimated still short, but none in jks..?? https://marketwirenews.com/stock/csiq/short/
  4. prizipiell i buy and i "part-sell" presumptial deadcats. i don't think. hopefully, that the market will wait till corona fear disapear...and some titles are right now realy down/down, especially in eu;like fraport, norwegian air line , mtu. ok, csiq and jks are very special, but...:) others, like berkshire,not so special but not so tentant?...hum, maybe:) if i am wrong i must wait a little bit more, or more risking
  5. i buy now, preferential jks if delta to csiq 1-1,5 bucks.if more i swap csiq-s to jks
  6. proxi swappoint again csiq for jks...
  7. inclusiv australia and canadian solar:) https://www.pv-magazine-australia.com/2020/02/28/small-scale-utility-solar-thriving-on-path-of-least-resistance/
  8. nada, cv but rest=bussines like usual, stables prices https://www.energytrend.com/pricequotes/20200227-16494.html
  9. i don't understand this company. Klothilde?
  10. -17/-20% in frankfurt...hum....
  11. possible to find actuel info about jks-bonds?
  12. jks recomandation... a big one https://finance.sina.com.cn/stock/hkstock/hkstocknews/2020-02-11/doc-iimxyqvz1910503.shtml
  13. all ok, inclusiv first solar
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