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  1. I've been doing investing in clean tech for 2.5 years. I'm 28 so definitely no expert. That said I'm long LAC and LTHM
  2. sold my PEGI 2 days ago. biggest positions are JASO and CSIQ. both are down today as market is up 1.3%
  3. averaged into JASO at 7.39 and PEGI at 17.05
  4. just went 62% JASO and 38% PEGI.
  5. I bought pegi 2 weeks ago. I don't understand your question and don't know if I am eligible for this dividend either
  6. I just sold my Brazilian utility stock and loaded up on jks and csiq
  7. NEE is smart and gets away with political and financial murder in Florida. Hence why NEE is crazy expensive on a P/B basis and a market cap/MW basis but not as expensive on P/E basis. Still wouldn't think of touching NEE at a $71.3 billion market cap
  8. Last year made 92% on JASO, EBR, ABY (extremely lucky timing with JASO and EBR) My portfolio right now is ELP, PEGI, CSIQ. hoping for 12% including dividends this year. The difference between NEE, SO, and DUK vs ELP on a P/B or $/MW of capacity basis is startling. Plus for renewable enthusiasts, ELP and some other Brazilian utilities are > 90% zero emission already whereas NEE and SO and DUK are all below 40% zero emission. And future Brazilian population growth higher than US. NEE looks overpriced to me
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