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  1. Trading Strategy

    NEE is smart and gets away with political and financial murder in Florida. Hence why NEE is crazy expensive on a P/B basis and a market cap/MW basis but not as expensive on P/E basis. Still wouldn't think of touching NEE at a $71.3 billion market cap
  2. Trading Strategy

    Last year made 92% on JASO, EBR, ABY (extremely lucky timing with JASO and EBR) My portfolio right now is ELP, PEGI, CSIQ. hoping for 12% including dividends this year. The difference between NEE, SO, and DUK vs ELP on a P/B or $/MW of capacity basis is startling. Plus for renewable enthusiasts, ELP and some other Brazilian utilities are > 90% zero emission already whereas NEE and SO and DUK are all below 40% zero emission. And future Brazilian population growth higher than US. NEE looks overpriced to me