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    JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Just got an email back from Investor Relations: " The head of our Finance department said that we're expected to release our Q1 Earnings on May 26th. It should appear on our website under Investor Relations."
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    JinkoSolar (JKS)

    Hi All, Returning to this board after a long time (was invested in Chinese solars in 2013-2014). Great to see the continued quality of information and analysis on this website. I was on the phone today with Jinko's IR dept in US. The woman on the phone was a new hire and had very little information to offer. She mentioned "Things have been extremely busy over the past couple days" and to try back at a later time. I called back again and it was the same woman, who mentioned that her colleagues have been tied up in meetings around the clock and that she is only person available on the phones. Curious if anyone else has spoken with Jinko's IR and what information they have received thus far.