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  1. Mr. Shen raises his price target to $20: https://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+Comments/Roth+Capital+Upgrades+JinkoSolar+Holding+Co.%2C+Ltd.+(JKS)+to+Buy/15072734.html
  2. So the Chairman snagged an additional 4,628,089 shares last quarter eh? And an additional 3,085,400 for Chen Kangping and 1,534,503 for Discover Value Fund? Are we sniffing out much higher stock price to come or is a go private offer coming soon?
  3. Yeah, analyst insistence that FSLR was going to re-negotiate DESPITE the company saying explicitly they weren't and aren't going to have to was pretty frustrating. Perhaps an attempt to accumulate in the 40s for a run back to the 60s? Where ya't Gordon? We haven't heard a peep from you on these solars despite a LOT of things changing.
  4. Mark

    Solar News

    https://www.pv-magazine.com/2019/01/30/indias-10-gw-mega-tender-has-now-been-trimmed-to-3-gw/ Me thinks India will never get their act together. Every day brings a new fumble. But I do so love their food.
  5. Someone's trying to give us a proper valuation.
  6. Mark

    Solar News

    More on PG&E with commentary on the solar aspect as well as those companies most affected... https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2019/01/27/pge-gets-a-break-and-opportunity-is-still-knocking/#3767dfe56d10
  7. Mark

    Solar News

    https://www.digitimes.com/news/a20190124PD203.html China subsidy cuts
  8. I miss those articles too... how about a CSIQ article for old time's sake, Robert? I would be curious to hear your detailed thoughts in light of the new China news (rumored news) and everything that's transpired over the last 6-12 months. You're looking for potential trip to the 40s in years to come, Klothilde swears we're going to the 4s (or bankrupt) in years to come and I certainly respect both your opinions, but you couldn't be farther apart.
  9. All loaded up... will only take an analyst upgrade to stick this thing into the low 20s.
  10. Mark

    Solar News

    Yep, the only people that make money on these are the lawyers.
  11. "Thanks for the upgrade Brian, that was very nice of you. Keep up the good work."
  12. Mark

    Daqo (DQ)

    Well, Credit Suisse loves them some DQ (and SPWR?!)... so don't worry about your stinkin' math, just be happy? https://247wallst.com/energy-business/2018/12/18/credit-suisse-has-6-top-solar-stock-picks-for-2019/
  13. https://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/18/12/12838943/sell-side-debates-first-solars-costs-gross-margins
  14. I can't answer that question, but I see a 0% chance of a buyback in 2019. In fact, I hope they don't do one in the next 2 years... would rather them acquire someone or expand capacity. A buyback or dividend in my opinion, would be a huge waste of money. Something that should wait until 2022 to even be considered.
  15. And then, the covering, equally predictable. Those $42 puts yesterday weren't going to expire worthless for whoever put them on.
  16. That was a lot of shorting, I watch the tick by tick.. clear as day there was plenty of shorting going on in there. 100 shares at a time.
  17. Ugly trading today. I have to think this is manipulation which is easy to do in a screwed up market like we have for the past couple months. Trading at a 2019 forward PE of what, about 18x right now at 41.43? On the low end. Looks like historic 5 year average is 22x for FSLR which would put us at $50 today if PE mattered. I kinda wonder what DOES matter in solar, as I have for many years now. Just trading vehicles, I know. But a boy can dream that one day this growth is appreciated and rewarded. Series 6 is looking good. But all the shorting going on in here today is irritating as heck.
  18. First Solar price target cut to $74 from $85 at Cowen Cowen analyst Jeffrey Osborne maintained an Outperform rating on First Solar but cut his price target to $74 from $85 following the company's 2019 guidance announcement. In a research note to investors, Osborne says Series 6 adoption has been strong and management has elected to accelerate the pace of its production ramp. He sees leverage longer term in FY20/FY21 given the view that S6 has a path to mid to high teens module costs over time vs. more expensive silicon based solutions. Osborne's new price target is based on ~14x his 2021 EPS estimate of $4.13, which reflects the company's visibility, full S6 ramp and a pricing environment not impacted by tariffs as well as a net cash balance exiting 2019 of ~$1.7B in cash, and ~$125M in remaining CapEx for the Series 6 ramp entering 2020.
  19. First Solar price target lowered to $73 from $85 at UBS UBS analyst Jon Windham lowered his price target for First Solar to $73 but keeps a Buy rating on the name following last night's 2019 guidance. The good news is that the underlying profitability for Series 6 appears to be materializing, Windham tells investors in a research note. The bad news, however, is that start-up expenses are likely to weigh on 2019 overall operating margins, adds the analyst. While Windham says it is not a great idea to play a "waiting game" with solar stocks, he views First Solar's valuation as "relatively depressed" at current share levels.
  20. Shen throwing cold water right out of the gate huh? What, he feels bad for having that high price target? Needs to bash a bit on the call to justify bringing it down more? Thought it was well-handled by Mark, that margins are at or better than what was originally projected.
  21. I suspect they (Qu/Lion Point/Luminous and maybe Morgan Stanley) wanted to 1) get the bad news out of the way so it didn't overshadow the good quarter and 2) shake out any weak hands and traders, so that a stronger, more dedicated shareholder base was in place so they could more easily run this up to $17+. Don't get me wrong, I hated that whole thing at the time, but I didn't sell any and it worked out well for me. I'll be trading around a core position for the next year at least and am hoping these hedge funds and MS and Qu are greedy pigs who are envious that FSLR is trading at $44 and want to work this thing up far and fast.
  22. Mark

    Solar News

    https://www.energytrend.com/pricequotes/20181129-12737.html Some positive news.
  23. With 2 big hedge funds behind us, looking for 20s in 2019.
  24. You stupid idiot. Don't you know you're a contrarian?
  25. Oppenheimer reiterates Buy and $19 JP Morgan flip flops back to Neutral and $17
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