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  1. So we're 11 days into the second half of 2019.  Fair to push the panic button on solars based on the EnergyTrend and PVI data today?  I dumped nearly all of both this morning, but isn't this a bit extreme for demand that's not really expected to kick in until later?  I'm not interesting in buying anything back at this point, just wondering how bad today's news really is.

    There's also this: https://www.reuters.com/article/china-solar-subsidy/update-1-china-sets-2019-subsidies-for-large-scale-solar-power-projects-at-248-mln-idUSL4N24C1XN

  2. 42 minutes ago, solarpete said:

    stop trying to forcibly extend the life of the coal industry, when consumers don't want it any more.

    I was sickened when my Fox News fan, Trump voting, father-in-law told me a couple weeks ago that he was excited to have bought some coal stock that pays a nearly 12% dividend.  So not only are we forcibly extending the life of coal, we're turning those subsidies around and letting them pay out a fat dividend to help keep these companies relevant too.  My only comment on that when he told me it paid a 12% dividend was "yeah, for now it does".  I moved the conversation on to something else, not wanting to start a war on the first day of our joint vacation.

  3. Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks?  Especially when polls show voters actually care about climate.  I suspect this is mostly to take away some moderate votes next year and to not appear totally out of touch, but whatever the reasons, hopefully there is genuine interest on their part for a change.  I'm doubtful, but hey.  Gotta hope we can get together on this.


  4. Agreed, didn't we hear about delayed payments and such for like 2 or 3 years back around 2014?  Didn't turn out to amount to anything of great concern.  Was just something for Gordon to scare us all about in the end.  As for conspiracy theories and the Li Bros., while I tend to distrust them and agree with you that they'd like to probably steal this from shareholders, maybe they have other plans.  Perhaps they wanna go the get rich quick, Hanergy route and run this sucker up to an absurd valuation in the next year or two given how many shares are owned and how it seems to be defying gravity over the last 6-8 months.  If Biden (or any Dem) gets elected, that may be their opportunity to run this up like Hanergy... or like this Beyond Meat nonsense.  I've started trading Jinko again (emphasis on the trading - day trades, small overnight positions in some cases) just in case.  I'm really only trading CSIQ and JKS now.  FSLR and SPWR got away from me.

  5. https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2019/06/12/bifacial-beats-trumps-tariffs/

    Always thought one day I'd get my money back on some FSLR shares I had at $70.  I dumped every share I owned today at 61.50, so that'll never happen.  This makes yesterday's strange attempted breakout look like some insider knew what was gonna happen.  Now, to see how the analysts spin this and twist it up and spit it back out to us to move the stocks.  I added to my CSIQ today.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, solarpete said:

    Congrats--good move!  Held my trading shares as well.  Will sell a few more around $22-23 if it gets that high.

    Congrats to you as well.  Right there with you, aiming for 22-23 as well.  Not sure how patient I'll be with that target, however, given Trump's antics and effects on the market. I also made a little extra cash on a day trade this morning too.  Sold it too early, but sticking to my spreadsheet trading given the trade war nonsense.  

  7. They had also mentioned the possibility of a 10% rise in module ASPs in the back end of the year once China ramps up.  They were at .30 in Q1, but noted that they had slid a little (not sure if they gave a number, he was kinda mumbling or my ears aren't what they once were), but if we're to assume they're around 28 cents now, that 10% increase later in the year due to potential shortages, that would put them back around 30/31 cents.

  8. I was going to dump my remaining shares before the close, but I like this deal.  Everyone's so bearish, maybe time to hang onto those shares and roll the dice on some positive forward guidance.  Though this is clearly gambling at this point.  Only positives I can see are institutional support and this supply agreement.  But maybe all the excuse big money needs to run this up toward 19 tomorrow. 

  9. Just now seeing this from yesterday, but Shen at Roth put a buy and $24 target on this?  Some of his recent FSLR calls over the last year and now this make me wonder.  I hope he's right and knows who has been holding the stock price up and knows their future intent, as I still own shares from 2014 I'd love to get break even on.

  10. So Schroder Investment Management Group was doing some serious buying in Q1 eh?

    Bought 3,121,442 shares of Jinko.  (New position)

    And 2,761,958 of CSIQ.  (New position)

    FSLR got some love with an additional 345,318 to give them a total of 516,571 there. 


  11. On 5/10/2019 at 4:35 PM, SCSolar said:

    Just curious? There are reasons to take losses on what looks to be stuff that is underwater from a long time ago.

    I don't hold any CSIQ over 20.70, so no long term losses for me.  I'm strictly on a 2019 schedule and I'm still up quite a bit for 2019.  I'm trying to balance selling for loss vs. putting solar on my roof for that credit vs. waiting a few quarters to see if they can turn this around in 2020 as they expect.  I've shaved half my CSIQ trading over the last week, but still hold more than I'd like.  But I feel like this 18-18.67 area is no-man's land.  Just not sure how much farther down it goes.  I also don't see a big upside move anytime soon, but I was really hoping to get somewhere in the mid 19s to just dump the rest.  Alas, not today!  :)

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