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  1. Solar News

    Recent graphical post about solar panel costs in the UK. Pretty interesting compared with the US. https://www.expertsure.com/uk/home/how-much-do-solar-panels-cost-infographic/ How do those retail prices stack up with wholesale panel prices at the moment?
  2. You're right, Moody has a different view. At first, I also thought the PW acquisition would be too expensive but as it turned out, Moody upgraded all the TERP dept, and the profile was raised to a positive tone back when the stocks were around $40. So, I guess Moody's trick was mostly focused on stating the obvious problem, but stating the future effect is done through the use of other skills.
  3. Solar News

    Printable solar cells just got a little bit closer to our reach. A U of T Engineering innovation might just make solar cells easy and printable. With their technology, solar cells will become inexpensive because they would be printable in a paper. They discovered the perovskite solar cells, which will lead to low-cost and printable solar panels.