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  1. the computers have a number in mind to short to and won't cover til they get there, no matter what ER says. This is brutal.
  2. I admire all of you for buying on this carnage. I think my forum membership expires soon, and I'm having to penny pinch and can't renew right now. I also have to downgrade my internet speed...sucks! But darned if I'm gonna sell at a loss here to raise cash. But seeing you all remaining calm and adding to positions is comforting. I wish I weren't already all in so I could add too. I hope we aren't fools for thinking this way. At some point the shorting algo has to stop. I've appreciated reading all the commentary today and the last few days. And thanks for buying and helping the longs fight here. I hope you all/we all get fists full of dollars as a result. And I really hope it's darn soon or I may have to resort to selling organs. Which I'll do before I sell my Trina or Jinko.
  3. It's a ripe time to short and that's what shorts have been doing. Very well if you watch the level 2. Go to short analytics website or one like it. They've been shorting most solars for some time now. When there are no buyers because of the correction/China fears in the market that they're putting out, toss in rate hike phobia...it means buyers sit on cash until they're told to come back in. You know, after "the correction". So with nobody buying and holding, shorts can dominate the price action and they are. That won't change. Until it does. And I see no signs of short covering in TSL or jks as i watch them today. I'm so irritated. This takes the cake. Shorts may push us even farther. Perfect storm for them. Even great earnings growth and clear outlook doesn't matter. This is all about the shorts. Not even so much panic selling! just well programmed computers with the agenda of forcing the correction on us.
  4. love the optimism. I hope you're right. I'm tired of feeling like a bad investor for trading/investing in great companies (YGE lotto ticket not included).
  5. Don't think there's any thought at all to it, other than its a Chinese stock, so it must be shorted. Forget fundamentals and any other metric. The computers are set to short everything Chinese. And whack the others too of course, but really get those Chinese! I'd like to hope I recover some losses on JKS tomorrow, but I don't think it'll matter what they report.
  6. What's your preferred money flow indicator? Acc/dist? Money Flow Index? One of the others? Mine is MFI, but curious what you all use in solar land.
  7. The shorting just won't stop. Unlimited funds and persistence it looks like.
  8. Speaking of darkest before dawn, YGE almost touched a buck today. Just sayin'. It was the big winner. Hahaha. Oh no.
  9. Haha oh the optimism of owning solars. One day the world will wake up and we all gain 100% overnight when they do!
  10. Thought I'd seen it all and my worst days with TSL were over. Today takes the cake. Earnings even better than I was expecting and I was expecting greatness. And this. Given the history of this stock, who really has profits to take down here that didn't already ring the register in years gone by when price was much higher? And who wouldn't wait until we got a Big Bang given the great reason for the price to appreciate back toward 13-15? The shorting of Chinese stocks is incredible. Short volume Friday and Monday was very high in Trina. To me, this just smells funny. Again. Had to vent. Sorry.
  11. I don't delve into options at all, so flying blind to what you're saying to some degree, but would make sense since the very second we touched 11, this thing tanked to 11.50 in a matter of seconds. Someone's computer was triggered at 11.
  12. Thanks. Like all others, I appreciate your charts. They confirm for me and also raise new thoughts. Fib has always been an interest but I've never had much faith in it due to lack of success using it. Maybe I need to work it back into my daily charts and studies more.
  13. Insanity. I've never had much faith in Fib but aside from screaming manipulation, guess I'll roll with that. Don't think news was priced in, however. Hopefully we climb back up there as the day progresses. Almost 3M shares in a half hour. Most of which were on that massive dump in the first few minutes.
  14. Someone care to speculate on what happened with that TSL move when we touched 11? Seems to trigger a massive market sell and/or sell short order.
  15. A beat and raise. Proud shareholder for a few years now. Best of the bunch. Congrats longs. Glad you hopped in Explo!
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