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    For those interested in renewable ETFs, attached has holdings for each Renewable ETF com.xlsx ICLN is a preference of the choice and has yield due to yieldcos. It appears most globally diversified as well including Chinese names.
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    Here is a nice article on REITs vs interest rate volatiltiy. Page 2 has a nice chart correlating the two. This might explain some of the recent slide in Realestate REITs as interest rates are being increased by the FED. https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2017/07/10/reits-have-complicated-relationship-status-with-interest-rates/2/#3258ea9750e0
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    KARS has listed the holdings. Interesting, $2.5M market cap. https://kraneshares.com/kars/
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    I REALLY doubt that. That issue is just too small to get caught up in the shutdown mess.
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    Something tells me you don't like me very much. Is there anything I can change so we get along better?
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    I am looking at this ETF KGRN, which may replace investing in Chinese stocks https://kraneshares.com/kgrn/ They are supposed to list KARS, which will cover the electric car companies, not just from China.
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    I just took a small position in a Marijuana ETF MJX as a play on a potentially evolving market segment. For anyone interested in the segment of investing here are some etf/funds ari.cn, mcoa, mjna, mgw.v, hvst.v, blevf, hmlsf, mjx, hmmj.to, lare
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    BOTZ is doing well