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    I think the results just released are telling you something--but you don't seem to be listening.
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    I read that as a separate impact related to the investors who opted out of the class-action lawsuit Didn't read that in-depth but I think that relates to a project where the customer is blocking the payment of the retainer because of some alleged performance issue. The module performance guarantees of FSLR are industry standard and included in the data sheets. They allow for a certain degradation of the STC flashed power rating of the module over the years. No linkage to performance in the field. So no, no more exposure. Why should I see it lower? If I do the math it comes up to roughly $0.05 per watt. However I think given their Q4 fuc*up they are being extremely conservative with their 2020 guidance, they should reap a bit more than that. If I do the math S6 came in above 30%GM in Q4, and that will only increase in 2020 as cost goes down.
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    I do not understand, they reported a loss on the quarter, when they were expecting a profit. I do not understand their line in their guidance anymore. They suggested they were having earnings of $2.50 mid range. Now their GAAP earnings is a loss of over $1. That to me is a miss of $3.50. Clearly their earnings they are presenting in their estimates are not GAAP earnings. That should be a red flag in general. As for guidance, they missed revenues by $400M on mid range, your would think the $400M would roll into 2020 and be additive, yet guidance for next year is only $2.8B mid range or $300M less than 2019 revenue guidance. This would suggest that without the rollover that guidance for 2020 would have been in the $2.4B range. The last company that I saw screw up their fiscal year with massive revenues miss and guided down for the next year was Yingli. On the good side, yes the 2020 ASP based on guidance falls in around $.34 +/-
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    Whatever happens in the morning - FSLR is untouchable for me. Although SPWR bounced back quite nicely, after collapsing to 8.16... Only two companies, in solar sector, I will consider this year - CSIQ & JKS, but only after they correct back to 18-20 level, probably in March. I think, some time during the year, they will touch $40 again. But real play of the year will be Starlink IPO....
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    WOW Just WOW - Enphase up 37% toady. That $55 price now looks like a forward PE of 30 ish. Congrats if you own it. I got jittery feet when I dipped my toes in it a month or 2 ago at $24 then it pulled back. Solarpete: I presume you house is now being paid off 10 years ahead.
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    "Canadian Solar expects to recognize the revenue from the transaction in the first quarter of 2020." I guess that's what you wanted to know.

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