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    Solar becoming cheaper than wind even in cloudy Germany: https://www.pv-magazine.com/2018/02/20/germanys-auction-for-large-scale-solar-bids-below-e0-04-kwh-for-the-first-time/ "...The final average price of solar bids was €0.0433/kWh, a value which is quite below that of the tenders for wind power..." No time to be switching to marijuana stocks yet guys and gals.
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    At the moment I don't see too much upside for FSLR from a fundamentals point of view. The PPS already reflects the anticipated higher earnings of 2020 and beyond and imo there's still market and operational risk we need to work through to get there. Regarding the ER I hope they post a slightly lower loss than what they are guiding (-0.37). In addition I'm interested in: - an update on S6 roll-out incl. plant and product certifications - the current demand picture globally and in the U.S. after the 201 resolution (demand freeze?) - a possible further capacity increase of ~1GW in the U.S. after the 201 decision - a possible increase of 2018 EPS guidance to $2+ as a result of the tariffs in place
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    Just moved some JKS to VTR and HCN
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    Agree as I also entered both $5 ago and am adding to both as they're falling. The "problem" with both if bought for dividend is that one has to wait 2 months for VTR and 3 months for HCN with very little visibility into equity recovery, so its unlikely a quick (JKS like) trade and more like a hold for dividend as part of a portfolio (with good possibility of future equity appreciation). Also when HCN reports in a week, if result are in line with VTR and OHI, unfortunately all will go even lower.
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    I suggest listening to today's OHI call first before buying. They're much more exposed to SNF than VTR/HCN. VTR/HCN are both S&P500 companies and much more diversified in their coverage than OHI. (I think OHI is hoping that health care reform will not be addressed this year). I would wait till next week when both SBRA and HCN report to get others view.
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    GTM analysis of what this contract means: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/50-megawatt-battery-will-give-arizona-peak-power-from-the-sun#gs.LmA_2IM Is it nerdy to get excited over stuff like this??
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    I get excited about FSLR when it hits $45 again. That could mean never, but there is nothing exciting about solar right now.