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    Right now CSIQ the core MSS is running over 22% gross margins. This does not include Systems sales from Japan. As far as Japan projects, they have 90MW already in operation for sales. They also have an additional 120MW to be completed in 2019 and 2020 along with 187MW in 2021 and beyond. These numbers are around 40-50MW above the inital Japan projects MW schedule from a year ago. That indicates most of the projects of 150MW a year are still the higher FIT. That is a nice buffer for the next 2 to 3 years that will likely add and extra $150M in gross a year at a minimum.
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    I think that 30% GM is much to low. I believe their margins are higher pushing the costs to produce 10-20% lower than you are modeling. With future cost to construct decreasing, it is possible to offset that and maintain good double digit margins.
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    Indeed it has... I've been in and out of CSIQ 30 times this month so far. I ended up adding a lot of shares on the selloff yesterday. Way more than I was comfortable with and way more than I'll ever do again. But jeez, there was a lot of writing on the wall for this move. BUT, never again will I own so much of one position, even if I see that same writing again. Given the overall market volitility, it felt more like gambling than I'm comfortable with. But damn did it work out well.
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    Agreed that IRRATIONAL exuberance is always a bad idea when investing. But today's report gives plenty of reason for RATIONAL exuberance.
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    It appears there is no ASP price bump. Reading the tea leaves it looks like oversupply still abounds as the ASP has dropped 20% in the past to 2 months for wafers. http://guangfu.bjx.com.cn/special/?id=99942 Take Tongwei Solar, the world's largest battery supplier, for example. Last week, its official website released the price of the battery in August, and the PERC battery dropped by more than 10%. Among them, the 156.75 size single crystal PERC battery dropped to 1 yuan / W, down 13.8% from the previous month; the 158.75 size single crystal PERC battery fell to 1.03 yuan / W, down 13.4% from the previous month; the ingot single crystal PERC battery fell to 0.95 Yuan/W, down 12.8% from the previous month.

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