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    The stock would easily be trading in the mid 20s if he had communicated the virtues of project monetization appropriately. However he decided for the opposite in order to ensure himself a juicy bargain. This is the worse conflict of interest you can have at the helm of a company. This should be outlawed under any circumstance.
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    Yes, however this is very disrespectful of shareholders. Many people have hung in there, waiting for a long time for them to sell off projects so equity can go up and the share price as well. Now that the company is almost there he cannot just pull the plug. It's like a breach of trust. You know what I'm saying?
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    Since M. Potter (former CFO) left the company, Canadian's presentation became a joke... with hardly understandable mumbling presentations...
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    After TSL, JASO and CSIQ, no CN solar stock is worth owning in any meaningful quantity (maybe opportunistically careful trading only) and especially not (still) thinly traded small cap one with questionable ownership arrangements, and especially after it already tripled in PPS in just a few months.
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    I bought EIX twice yesterday. At 67.70 and 68.40. I bought PEGI yesterday as well at 21.16 or so.
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    I am trying to move on. I sold all I bought yesterday at 17.68 at 17.90 and what I kept through untouched. A lot of shares for me so collected few bucks. Bought EIX and some PEGI. Probably dumb move with wind legislation but it is hard to find an attractive name. I may try to trade. However if I can make money moving it around I will. Looks like I am going to trade more than ever in last few years. I could buy if it goes below 17.00 but all the fundamental beauty of undervalued stock is gone.
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    Isn't it time we moved beyond CSIQ? I know it's hard to say goodbye but shouldn't we just forget about it? What are the chances this goes above 20 bucks again? 0.1% or less?
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    If it is binding than it would be a cost. They won't do that, as there is no benefit to ruin deals because of the offer. It would be obviously bad practice and Qu could go to jail for manipulating activities of the company to downplay its value, yes that would be criminal and stupid because done wide in the open.
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    If management decides to delay projects sales, on purpose, (750 MW in US for instance) not to improve value/attractiveness of the company, especially after they announced it and many people got into this stock based on high expectations, is it a crime? Can they do it? Can it start SEC investigation?
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    This market has gone loony. I guess I've just been way to late to this investing game. You have ridiculously crappy stocks that mention "AI" or "blockchain" and their share prices double & triple & more: XNET, RIOT, OSTK, VERI. Meanwhile you have a company like CSIQ that is doing a great job at making the world a much better place... and their reward is to just be hated & ignored.
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    Why consider a value to stay in this environment? Who can consider being an investor reading that? Analysts made sure those stocks were treated like crap for all those years and even now they serve their own agendas.
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    Value in 20s this fund manager says, in the meantime manipulation starts http://ottawacitizen.com/news/fp-street/another-management-led-offer-for-canadian-solar-darkens-greenchips-day/wcm/f88e3a91-525c-41ed-a62d-7b045a06b769
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    JPM downgraded CSIQ to $15. Now analysts are working for Qu. The reason equity is trading above the targeted price. So only now, three months in, he decided to issue an update to show that 18.47 is a value price.
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    I am afraid that American sharks are mostly dumb. The offer overall is low, but no pressure has been placed on the shares. In fact, the stock has sold off at the low at the end of the day, while SPWR to lose-lose got 11% boost.
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    It is a 70 cents per share trade. I know Q4 an Q1 will be good so he needs to execute the purchase or he needs to pay more. win win here.
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    What suit? Is there an alternative? They molested the stock so hard it lost attraction. Even after offer they are playing it.
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    What if bitcoin were actually a programatic ponzi scheme? Designed to read out numbers that it's going up up up. What if it's just one big AI algorithm designed to bilk everybody's cash and into the hands of the 14 year old mastermind programmer that put it all together. OK, probably not... but it IS possible.
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    Honestly, as a technology, I'm disgusted by my fellow programmers that get excited by bitcoin. The first moment I heard about it & the fact that one must "mine" coins.. I immediately thought. What a waste of energy that is. I imagined all this technology secretly powered by coal. A lot of friends made a lot of money. One friend, already rich from Google, made even more on bitcoin. Not a single care about the cost of it all. Worthless crap I call it. Just put it on a server & be done with it. (which is basically what has happened anyways. Bitcoin can't keep up with the transaction speed, so coinbase does a lot of the processing before it makes large transactions on the blockchain)
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    This is kind of big news: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-07/bay-area-rapid-transit-to-run-on-electricity-from-canadian-solar Lots of folks in the bay area with cash to invest -- maybe this will catch their eye.
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    I dunno. I seem to do the opposite when I fiddle. Case in point. Sold FSLR today at 64.25, 65.29, and last half at 67.39. who knows if we so those levels again. Plus, all the time wasted fiddling.
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    average of $43 holding since 2012 But I have to add that I've lost a smaller amount of money with JASO.
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    As the cost continues to go down, at some point it will be much cheaper (without subsidizing) than conventional electricity. At that point, more adoption (demand) will take place and ASP will get stabilize. Also, there will be less players. Whoever is left standing may reap the reward. I hope battery and BOS to get cheaper. We have waited for years for this. I think that we are near that point now. I hate to walk away after holding for so long and let new entrants reap the reward. Also, this is good for mother earth. Good luck to all.
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    I can continue sharing my thoughts on FSLR. But may I propose that we get rid of the Chinese characters next to the user names? These companies have brought a lot of pain and sorrow upon us.
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    I have distinctive feeling watching tape CSIQ could become market's new JASO.