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    I am fully aware of the incentives China gave their manufacturing base. The policies implemented back in 2012 that spurred the massive build outs was put in place to save what would have been a death to their solar manufacturing. They are trying like hell to back out those incentives now. We have seen the impact of pricing when the Government backs out of the protectionism. I just wish the U.S. would get smart and get rid of the protectionism. I mean we do not have a solar industry in this country. First Solar has what 1Gw of production and the rest is in Malaysia. Sunpower is contract manufacturing overseas and have manufacturing over seas. To me the tariff costs does not justify the indusry. The only thing the Tarrifs have done is create at most 1,000 low skilled low level assembly jobs that is only temporary. They will be lost once solar subsidies are removed. it is different if the tariffs were in place to foster an industries growth like China did, but we have zero industrial policies in this contry design to make a thriving industrial base.

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