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    Thanks. My strategy now is more about maximizing "time in market" than trying "timing the market" so I don't try to have a view of where the market is going. The portfolio strategy is to be setup to handle all scenarios in the best way to maximize long-term return without assumptions about future direction other than that the mean reversion force of the market will eventually kick in. My view now is that we are quite close to mean in a longer time perspective so there is no bias to either side (up or down) for a large mean reversion risk in my view.
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    Portola is purely the revenue growth story. If think of the revenue of $100M in 2019, the PE is about 10. In my opinion there is a potential for recovery beyond 20 but patience would be advisable. Too many shortsellers are crowding the stock. I do not own it for sometime. I am to engaged elsewhere and do not have cash. If I did I likely would buy to see where it goes. Proceed with caution

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