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    Love JA's transparency: they gave a very detailed ASPs for both Q1 and Q2 by country like no one else before; CFO was openly questioning President; finally both (CFO and President) have no clue what's holding up Chairman/CEO from completing a buyout (both hinted that current low Market Cap is a non-issue if Chairman really wanted to).
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    "Buyout" is turning into a total BS.
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    answer Included in operating expenses in the fourth quarter of 2016 were a one-time reversal of RMB 348.3 million ($50.2 million) of previously recorded expenses due to the resolution of the Company’s dispute with Hemlock Semiconductor Pte. Ltd (“Hemlock”), and a one-time charge of RMB 99.6 million ($14.3 million) resulted from the termination of business relationship with one of the Company’s business partners.
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    Also can use investor.firstsolar.com/sec.cfm and set up sec filing alerts etc , have this kind of alert set up for key stocks, the nasdaq site always gives me trouble loading.
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