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    I honestly don't think there's a way to predict this volatility, even with neural nets. The price action is just too random. Sometimes solars will go up several days on no news. Sometimes they go down. Sometimes they rise in the morning, only to fall back in the afternoon. Sometimes they fall in the morning, only to rise in the afternoon. All this on anemic volume. And of course, news may or may not trump everything--and even the reaction to news is unpredictable; sometimes solars go down on what should be good news, and vice versa. But I agree with you on one thing--go find something else to do with your day beyond just watching the market. Decide what you want to do with what stock at what price point, and enter appropriate limit orders. Then go do something productive while you wait for those orders to fill. If they do, it's an added bonus to your day. If they don't, there's always tomorrow. Good luck to us all!