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    Today there are 5 big polysilicon producers in China who account for roughly 70-80% of global supply. Industry economics is now pretty much determined by the competition among them at very similar production costs of $6-7/kg and cash costs roughly $1 below that. All other polysilicon producers (i.e. tier 2 Chinese plus the international players) are pretty much insignificant at this point and have no much bearing on global prices.
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    Love this pullback. Got in at 2 CAD
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    Long time holder of PLUG, which is taking off -- I've always though Amazon would buy them out...
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    BABYF release news on production of samples yesterday https://finance.yahoo.com/news/else-nutrition-announces-u-launch-110000651.html
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    But the stock is oversold. Pfizer will make the treatment work. Start of P3 will pay SGMO, and they also said they will try to accelerate. While I am not seeing bets in class, I flipped back to have SGMO at low 9s.
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    I have not specific plans. There is so much needed to reach 7, that speaking about this as a target in mind is not value- added. for start $100M in sales. It was an example of course to illustrate the potential. The company is holding all pieces. News, progress measure will drive the price and my ability to evaluate. I hope this helps.
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    monograde in China 8:) https://www.energytrend.com/solar-price.html
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    No, it isn't. Today's drop is because of another hit piece by Prescience Point LLC. They did the exact same thing in 2018. Today's was a very well orchestrated short attack.
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    A bit mad out there today. Over 5M shares traded on both sides of the border. 10% down. Reality check stock is up 93% since I wrote about. It was coming but nobody knew when. There is a shift in the base and selling indicates some folks had enough of holding. There were as many buyers. I think an update on sampling orders would have done well today, but samples seem to go out only next week. The news is also due next week. It could be samples but I hope it is more. I think we are on pause. Still next two days should be green, in my opinion. GLA
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    Pretty powerful pullback, 6 days of straight up, no surprise.
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    Fabulous product well needed sky is the limit the world is going green BYND lead the way so now its legit. This company will fly. Plus Israelis are cutting edge when it comes to this stuff
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    Based on the interview with the CEO, The Frankfurt listing is in the direct interest to address European market. She said France is an objective for distribution by H&H. If you recall H&H acquired rights for China, France and Italy and other locations. I think Australia as well. Biostime is their brand. I think they will do awesome job distributing Else product.
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    The 4 days old interview with the CEO in Hebrew https://www.globes.co.il/news/article.aspx?did=1001332214 The Else expansion plan includes the launch of the product for children thereafter the age of 1-3 in the US, as well as expansion to other countries (Europe, Australia) and beyond - additional product lines. The infant formula requires clinical studies currently underway, and according to Yitzhaki R&D. In the closing stages, "and we expect the product to hit the market in two years," she says. Frankfurt listing to explore European market sounds like France is the target of distribution with H&H.
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    No risk, or to be exact, I do not see one. They need exposure and access.
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    Hi it has been so long. A friend of mine casually talked to me about. I went to research it and loved it. I think we are seeing accumulation, this will likely continue. No estimates until revenue forecasts become reality.
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    Robert, thank you for the welcome! This product is a game changer for lactose intolerant toddlers and parents needing a dairy free option to baby and toddler nutrition. I am holding long on Else, I believe in their product and mission. This "baby" was my first stock purchase after much research., I will not short them, Else has done their "due diligence" to provide a need in a niche long overdue. Imagine, a completely vegetarian, GMO and diary free, organic formula for young families to feed their children with.....well, this is Else and it has a proprietary formula. , so they are they will lead where others will follow. GREAT week for BABYF,
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    No idea, the price should be offered is likely above $40 in my estimate. Stock is heavily manipulated.

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