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    Solar News

    Looks like Aguascalientes is not a problem any more... http://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-completes-sale-aguascalientes-solar-project
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    Solar News

    China reveals details of first 15 GW of grid parity solar https://www.pv-magazine.com/2019/05/22/china-reveals-details-of-first-15-gw-of-grid-parity-solar/
  5. Yeah you were overy bullish at $0.56. Q2 will be worse.
  6. No commentary you guys? I'm in a cabin in the woods but it looks like they made most of earnings from forex gains, right?
  7. Just now seeing this from yesterday, but Shen at Roth put a buy and $24 target on this? Some of his recent FSLR calls over the last year and now this make me wonder. I hope he's right and knows who has been holding the stock price up and knows their future intent, as I still own shares from 2014 I'd love to get break even on.
  8. Canadian Solar among buyers of 75% stake in Kazatomprom photovoltaic (PV) cell and module production units. https://renewablesnow.com/news/kazatomprom-selling-75-stake-in-kazakh-pv-production-ops-654654/
  9. Hobo was opportunistic. He weaves a nice compelling story. He totally blew his credibility on his pumping of LDK. He used to bash CSIQ because they were not vertically integrated and vertical integration was the way forward according to him. That is why he shifted to LDK and their Poly to module story line. He trashed CSIQ because they were just buying cells and slapping them into modules. Anyone could do that he claimed and the real module makers were doing the full production line. Then the markets shifted to mass producers to lower costs and the CSIQ non vertical integration became the way to go. They carried less inventory and had less exposure during the down cycles. CSIQ did not take the massive write downs that others did in part because they did not have the inventory buildups and they did not spend heavily on Capital expenditures like others including Trina. Their worst write down was what $20 or $40M payment to LDK unlike Trina and others that wrote down hundreds of millions to Billions in contracts and PPnE.
  10. Above all he pushed TSL post financial crises (maybe before and during too, that was before my time) and if I remember correctly "bashed" CSIQ (as much as he would bash anything) post its 2009 accounting scandal. His view on LDK was more opportunistic if I remember correctly (as a previous LDK and then SOL pusher myself). Mostly he was right. Of the many solars that are no longer listed TSL at least produced some return for shareholders.
  11. Good Lord I'm taking the kids on a trip till wednesday but when I'm back I will tear this article to pieces. No word on project risk in China, Mexico, etc. Be careful you guys. Didn't this guy push LDK at one point?
  12. Another hobo sighting: Evaluating Canadian Solar's Q4 2018 Earnings Selloff https://seekingalpha.com/article/4265136
  13. I would believe that Mustang and Brazil was factored into guidance. Their guidance is likely around 7500MW for revenues. That would place project sales and EPC work at around $1.5-1.6B. Brazil is a pre- construction sale. That makes very little money up front. It is the services and sales where they make the money. The Construction is supposed to start later this year. That would likely push the bulk of revenues from module sale out to 2020/2021 and a majority of the EPC services out then as well.
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  15. I'll let somebody else answer because I have a horrible feeling regarding this company. I think some said earlier the largest revenue chunk of Brazil was likely going to come in when these projects are built, i.e. 2020/21.
  16. Might they raise FY guidance in light of Mustang and Brazil? Not saying it'll be a huge raise, but do you numbers junkies think its possible? Or perhaps that was all factored in.
  17. USD/CNY 6.9131 as of now... steadily moving to $7
  18. CANADIAN SOLAR SCHEDULES FIRST QUARTER 2019 EARNINGS CONFERENCE CALL FOR MAY 30 http://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-schedules-first-quarter-2019-earnings-conference
  19. Here's GCL forecasting 25GW for China in H2: https://www.pv-tech.org/news/gcl-si-expects-china-to-install-25gw-in-h2-2019 That would put yearly installs at 5+5+25GW=35GW I'm getting a vibe that people are slooowly starting to scale back expectations for this year. Anybody else getting the vibe as well? Also I don't see prices rising yet, though you may think that they should be rising if people were stocking up for a blockbuster Q3. You know wham sayn?
  20. Looks like Hobo is back. Does it mean leftover CN solars investable again?
  21. This particular Mustang plant was in operation since Q3/2016. Probably recovered some portion of its cost with electricity sells by now. But stock is simply dead! Volume is ridiculous... Nobody sells & nobody buys...
  22. CANADIAN SOLAR SUBSIDIARY RECURRENT ENERGY COMPLETES SALE OF MUSTANG SOLAR PROJECT TO GOLDMAN SACHS https://investors.canadiansolar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/canadian-solar-subsidiary-recurrent-energy-completes-sale
  23. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-solar-market-growing-exponentially-predicted-to-double-within-4-years-300851421.html
  24. Mark

    Solar News

    So Schroder Investment Management Group was doing some serious buying in Q1 eh? Bought 3,121,442 shares of Jinko. (New position) And 2,761,958 of CSIQ. (New position) FSLR got some love with an additional 345,318 to give them a total of 516,571 there.
  25. Hmmmm, ok then. Flush tomorrow? Odd. Someone has their back or someone is ready to yank the rug in a big way.
  26. Only down 3% at the moment on nearly 3M shares is strange indeed. When's the flush coming?
  27. Let just say that secondary was telegraphed from the other side of the sun. The line of questioning from the con call regarding funds needed for expansion, then the back to back PR's to try and push positive news was a dead giveaway. What is interesting is that the stock is not down 10% yet when they are diluting some 15%. Are they looking at getting this placement done before the ER? If so that is real shady to me and would suggest that the full year earnings will not be great.
  28. Falling like a stone you guys.
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