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In light of the provisional tariffs implemented into a law on June 6th, the company’s statement of only 10% shipments to EU in the second half of the year makes Hanwha SolarOne well prepared to evade impact from potentially higher tariffs in August

SPVI’s exclusive interview with Dr. Ye Zhang-Steenwinkel, Consultant Technology Transfer and Business Developer for ECN-Solar Energy about n-type mono technology and its abilities

Renesola, until recently considered to be a leader in wafer manufacturing, has broken into the category of module maker, with the same zeal for innovation and high quality manifested in wafer technologies

We had a chance to conduct a conversation with Mr. Je-Hyun Yoon, Nexolon’s CEO, and Mr. Tae-Jin Chung, Head of IR, on the company’s technological advances and recent developments in the US.

SolarPVInvestor presents an exclusive interview with Mr Luc Graré, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Cells & Modules, REC Solar, about the company and the solar industry.

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