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Out of some 400 enterprises in China in 2011/2012, we identified around 160 with significant levels of capacity remaining active

Overall shipments from the three companies, however, amounted to 763MW of cells, which was 32MW higher than shipments in Q3

China is now expected to reach 40GW of installations by 2015. There is a certain amount of expectation that small companies will be marginalized and financial support will be given to an elite group.

The payment cycles and terms are becoming a massive problem for the PV industry. Mostly a benefit to those with scale to remain as a potential client, it is literally a method to circumvent cash use, while remaining operational. 

PV Taiwan, a trade show for the photovoltaic industry, has kicked off on Wednesday, 3rd October at the Taipei world trade centre

Initially, US levies steered buyers to Taiwan, yet as time goes on, module assembly companies will continue to look for their own resolutions to find cost benefit

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