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Yesterday, 12:17pm

SPWR is very bullish

The only thing makes me a little bit puzlled is a gap in 6.30 area. Statistics says that gaps get filled in 85% of cases. On the other hand 6.30 is a way too far from a current 11.40. Any thoughts on this issue.
I concider SPWR as a very solid player due to state of the art high efficient panels. If you have a lack of space such as roof tops it can be a crucial factor when you make a choice what panels are more beneficial (Japanese may be the best customer for SPWR). Any idea if any of Chinese 11 are able to reach the same or close efficiency in the nearest future?
BTW: FSLR panel efficiency over 12% is impressive (if memory servese me right they had less than 8% only a year ago).



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Yesterday, 12:21pm

I do not see why the gap will not get filled. I think SPWR is way to expensive.



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Yesterday, 12:38pm

I do not see why the gap will not get filled. I think SPWR is way to expensive.
I agree, BUT nothing too expensive for a US company, for Chinses company, it is another story.

Double standard, american style. :)

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