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Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 8:28pm

Hanwha's cost analysis is the mood changer

Have anyone listen or read the CC transcript? 0.52 non -poly then 0.14 poly costs Q3. Non poly they are saying around 0.06 for underutilized included. They will be at 0.50 non-p0ly and 0.10 poly in Q4 (internally) so with their lower utilization their non-poly could carry 0.05 in the 0.50. At 0.45 and poly at 0.10 if fully produced they are selling at 0.65 that is 15%, of course you have inventory effects to adjust for change from beginning to the end of the quarter.

It appears to me that 453MW went to the Chinese in Africa. Does anyone is sensing a bit of reversal with all those projects?
I do