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SPVInvestor Forum - is divided into two focus groups: Solar Investors and CEDR Club
Solar Investors is a forum covering various solar topics and investment in solar companies.  Membership is $3.99 CAD per month."CEDR Alerts" is the unique feature available to this group offering limited view into CEDR monthly reports.

CEDR Club uses proprietary China Export Data Report to evaluate operational conditions and merits of the investment thesis in Chinese companies, listed on US markets. Details on report's content are available at SPVinvestor Research. CEDR Club Subscription is $198.00 CAD for three months. CEDR Club is a progression from general focus group and it is suggested for solar portfolio over $50K (when inc. US-listed CN solar cos).


Guests can read "Daily News Thread" in Recent Topics. . Below are all available categories and topics.

Weekend access is granted to "Trading Solars" to be removed within new week.

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  •   Solar Investors - $3.99 (Renewal: $3.99 Every 30 days)
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