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  1. FSLR.. mhh.. nice the cost and efficiency improvements, but that`s not the entire equation.. forgetting future possibility of scarcity (Te) or pollution issues (Cd).. what about degradation over time, years or decades, of CdTe modules ? ..can a CdTe module do this ?? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/testing-thirty-year-old-photovoltaic-module
  2. Amber Kinetics: Turning Flywheels Into Multi-Hour Energy Storage Assets https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/Amber-Kinetics-Turning-Flywheels-into-Multi-Hour-Energy-Storage-Assets
  3. Thanks Explo, that's very good news for China exposed ones, like JKS.. I guess this helped to propel JKS's SP last two trading days..
  4. Uh yeah!! everybody on-board, belts fastened !! It seems the knife has landed, now the rebound begins. THANKS A LOT Odyd and Explo for putting things in their right perspective, I'd never bitten on TERP without your insight and analysis.
  5. well, a little dissapointed, I expected 1.20 eps.. going cash, tomorrow TSL..
  6. Jaso it's so depressed.. for sure it's going to have earnings over $100 greater than it's market value. I'm going through tomorrow's ER with 50% JASO, 50% JKS. Good luck to all
  7. thanks, I hope this JKS rise to be contagious !!
  8. It should not be an issue, they are supposed to collect profits in the order of $240M (Q3+Q4), and have a lot of bank credit lines..
  9. Agree, we have to center on the facts. JKS is a bargain now.
  10. I´m in the same bandwagon.. and waiting for some Malaysia facility update, it may be close to be full ramped.. I think that is the wildcard..
  11. I see too much enthusiasm in YGE today. (good for us, this adds to raise positivism) Revenue raises, OK.. but they are still loosing money in every panel they sell, and depleting cash at fast rate.. Their debt is huge, and their equipment is getting old and loosing efficiency respect their peers, For sure they already need upgrade it's over 4GW capacity to maintain competitiveness.. can they? YGE aims come back in black in 2nd half.. I guess they already crossed the no return line.. what do you think ?
  12. Just read.. Excellent article, and very interesting comments after that.. as always, thanks for share your insight !!
  13. Anybody plan to pass through Jaso report fully loaded on Monday ? ..or do you expect a "sell the news" effect after premarket or a bit later, like the last Q ? I'm evaluating to increase my Jaso % before Monday..
  14. well, nice rebound.. The well written SA article (Ahead of the Curve) seems to bring a bit of common sense.. flirting with the green right now