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  1. mhhh, I don`t know.. PVinsights, updated today, shows another decline (a tiny one, but a decline) on module prices.. and a rise on silicon prices..
  2. Not sure of that, If I can interpret data correctly: JKS inhouse Q3 2016: Silicon cost: 10 cents, Processing cost: 27 cents Blended: 37 cents/W CSIQ inhouse Q3 2016: Silicon/Poly: 16 cents, Processing (cell, module): 12 cents Blended: 35 cents/W Please correct me if I'm wrong..
  3. Agreed with Solarpete. Will to re-enter CN solars when they go on single digits..
  4. Yes, disappointing, electricity generation asset was an exciting business with high margins potential, I guess they need to improve their BS to face the incoming glut..
  5. Was a nice rebound, but I favor share prices will head back down, perhaps after next ERs.. as Explo said, 2017 agenda still looks horrible, and this runup could be bait.. I'm considering to sell if JKS goes over 18 before ER, to rebuy it at 14 later..
  6. what a huge drop of SCTY and TSLA today.. both of them running low of cash ? not a good day for Elon Musk
  7. OK, the clock is ticking for JKS ER.. Could the recent JKS global diversification help her to fight the storm in quarters to come, just selling modules when FITs are gone ? I want to rely on JKS as world-class manufacturer, where execution, module quality and continuos cost/watt reductions, are skills that could quickly grow up JKS penetration overseas.. I'm still 100% in, wishing for surprising data that remove some fears for 2017.. If it pops, perhaps I'll play the spike.. If it tanks, depending on why, perhaps I'll be averaging down.. I still see JKS as a long term winner.. Good luck to all.
  8. JKS is being crushed without any news.. It seems Pop`s approach to go cash until the waters calm down was wise.. anyway, don't want to risk losing shares in a sudden rise (if any), and I know sonner or later JKS will soar.. so.. I will hold.
  9. Excellent. Impossible to better expose the "undifferentiated selling" issue.
  10. Yep, revenues i meant to say, sorry.. With 1 quarter revenues, you can buy the entire company and still have money left..
  11. OK, thanks for the clarification.. I can understand the whole picture now. I hope this issue be already factored into the ultra-low share price of JKS..
  12. I cannot see the same on JKS guidance.. their shipments guidance for 2016 is 6.5 GW, and they always underestimates.. Rest of the year (6.5 - 1.6) / 3 = 1.63 GW, a slight shipment increase even underestimating.. I try to stay on focus: JKS Q1 revenues.. $848 million, gross margin +21.3% Mkt. cap: $684 million ..this nonsense can not be sustained for long
  13. once again, some days of big boys manipulation to propel panic selling of weak hand / scary / uninformed investors out.. I'd wish to have some cash to buy more here.. Jinko shines and they know it. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3978658-jinko-shines-investors-remain-blinded-light
  14. I'm 100% in JKS since Friday`s drop (were 80% in before ER).
  15. welcome to the club. Market is crushing JKS right now, but I think it will bounce back soon.. and strong.