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  1. Thanks Jet. This time around it looks much better than previous surges to ATH that were immediately followed by several months drawdown. This time the initial surge to ATH day was followed through by a moderate ATH growth the next day and then a two-day breather with moderate retreat followed by yesterday's big surge to a new ATH again and this time the stocks were actually the biggest contributors to the surge. It lead to the portfolio Alpha finally turning positive yesterday.
  2. Rating Action: Moody's withdraws Canadian Solar's Ba2 rating RATINGS RATIONALE Moody's has withdrawn the rating for its own business reasons. Please refer to the Moody's Investors Service's Policy for Withdrawal of Credit Ratings, available on its website, www.moodys.com.
  3. http://www.arabianbusiness.com/saudi-aramco-selects-lead-underwriters-for-100-billion-ipo-664349.html Holy cow! $2 trillion market cap! IPO of the century? Those underwriter are getting rich.. More fuel from a "fuel" IPO..
  4. Thanks for your comments ravalos. odyd, ravalos, my guess on the surge is general stock market exuberance. With high demand for stocks there is a valuation risk building up and the market is now likely getting into the mode of looking for stocks with less valuation risk (not too extended PB and PS for example) e.g. due discount from near-term operational risks. It seems the market just discovered something to tap in the solar sector in its hunt for more stock. Let me just add that it is not just the expected Trump fiscal stimulus policy fueling an already up to speed US economy that is sending stocks higher. Globally, especially in Europe, there's been US inspired monetary fueling by central banks going on for a long enough time now to finally see the economies here heating up significantly. Add a solid China and we have a global economy that has just woken up from a long slumber. The chase for stocks might seem irrational now from near-term sector and company specific perspectives. Things cheap and not on the verge of bankruptcies might surge as low priced books are appreciated on assumptions that they will grow when the tide lifts all boats. Also remember that solar is dependent on positive sentiment causing households and companies to take the risk to invest surplus in rooftop panels etc., so the market likely expects the heated global economy to eventually push the supply-demand balance to a (panel) seller's market from the current buyer's market. It's a risk-on market and the solar sector benefits from it despite its near-term glut issue.
  5. Looks like there is a chase for CSIQ shares ahead of FSLR's report this afternoon.
  6. Rising funds are now triggering broad stock buys. Seems like the eleventh hour since they are getting out of the gates now.
  7. it has completed the repurchase of certain 4.00% Convertible Senior Notes due 2019 (the "Notes") at the option of holders of the Notes The holders utilized an option to sell them back to Jinko. Sounds like a bearish move, but with the convertible likely virtually worthless at this PPS they probably didn't think 4.00% interest alone was sufficient reward for the risk.
  8. Congrats, it's already up nicely from the $8.80 low at the post EGM dip (to provide nice entry for the hedge funds?) and still have double digit to go within a couple of months time-frame.
  9. TSL has recovered the dip after EGM. There are several SEC filings this month showing that hedge funds have loaded up. Are people here still holding that 15% discount to buyout price?
  10. Additionally, I'd like to mention that we currently do not have access to our $300 million revolver, nor do we expect to have access to it this year. However, our 2017 forecast reflect this, and we still expect to exit the year with over $300 million in cash. So for 2017 it seems they expect to have sufficient cash anyway.
  11. SPWR is up double digit today, recovering more than it lost yesterday on the Q4 report.
  12. The big panel brands have own wafers factories that need to buy all their poly supply since none of the own poly plants (except Renesola, not big maybe). FSLR's panel cost is poly market immune.
  13. ASP in recognized revenue from sales contracts tend to lag those reported by latest quotes survey sites.