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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Explo. This certainly tempered my want of getting more CSIQ (but did move some from JASO and JKS to CSIQ earlier today). Your PT on CSIQ is quite low and that scares me. I hope it does not go down that low.
  2. You should sell 100 shares to make it go up $1. That will benefit us all.
  3. Explo, Good switch from CSIQ to JKS when the spread was around $2. Now, the spread expands to almost $5, any thought of switching some JKS back to CSIQ?
  4. CSIQ is the most hated stock right now among solar companies. All other solar stocks are seeing green today and CSIQ is still trending down. JKS is now almost $5 higher (43% higher) than CSIQ. I guess the article achieved its purpose.
  5. Travis is at it again.
  6. Again, cells, wafers and poly drop a lot this week. Modules also drop but not as much.
  7. I don't care much for SPWR. However, at this price point, it may not be favorable to short FSLR based on risk/reward posture. Good luck.
  8. I hope you still have spwr and fslr shorts, and if you do, it is not a bad time to cover and take profits. Good job! Odyd did it again.
  9. JASO is too shy to join the party today. Perhaps there is a hesitation from a possible bad ER tomorrow morning. It seems cheap at this price nonetheless.
  10. Anyone playing JASO for tomorrow morning ER ? It seems cheap and does not jump like others today.
  11. PV module prices still drop but not as much as that of cell, wafer and poly.
  12. Explo, your FSLR position is 3 times that of the JKS position and yet you just bought more of FSLR. Would you please let me know why you think FSLR is a better buy than JKS at this price point? Thank you.
  13. Explo, Good job! I like your approach.
  14. Could this be about the going private buyout?
  15. Pegi and Nyld have been weak lately while manufacturers having good time. Is there a reason for Pegi and nyld recent weakness? Good time to switch some?