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  1. Solars are soaring on volume...don't see any big news. what is the deal? Is it just a lot of "little" news items? Saudi 300MW, Australia 600MW, Florida 600MW, Cali 100% renewable RPS
  2. Ouch, why is GLBL taking on water this afternoon?
  3. Looks like something changed, or someone big has decided the price is "low enough". I've noticed some smaller countries announcing GW size initiatives...wonder if some bigger countries (besides india and china) might be about to announce some multi (tens?) GW efforts. More immediately I've wondered if we will get good news about MW in China finally getting paid--they had A LOT installed last year, although I've been waiting for a couple years for "good" news...
  4. Hope no one is surprised...
  5. report seemed okay to me, market must not like no new acquisitions in H1 2017. Also available cash seemed pretty low. (maybe that is why they are dialing back acquisitions for a bit?) investors must assume a share issue is in the works. That is the only reason I can see for the drop. I'm surprised how volatile these dividend stocks are...
  6. Is something up with GLBL?
  7. That site is directionaly correct, but the average pricing it reports is typically lower than the average the listed companies report. After ten years of investing in solar stocks, I'm not sure I understand why solar stocks trade the way they do
  8. What a giant nothing burger
  9. Doom and Gloom here a week ago. Looking a bit euphoric today? The only change that I can see is that some people who exited energy sector entirely while oil was dropping (~18+ months ago) may have decided that OPEC deal marks a turn in the energy markets, meaning it is safe to re-enter. At any rate I am starting to think we may have seen a rough floor for solar stocks this cycle. Will probably need to see a retest to be sure. My problem is that I don't see better profits for the manufactures (vs. what the market knew a couple weeks ago), so I'm reluctant to buy them. Also the fact that my purchase of a yieldco (GLBL) which nearly immediately stopped paying a dividend has put me off yieldcos. I may park any new money in solar ETFs until I see a good reason to invest in a specific name.
  10. How much does electricity cost in China? At some point soon I imagine simply selling power (naked--without subsidy) will be cost effective in China. Also I just read that one company is finally getting subsidy from 3 years ago...talk about a slow payer
  11. lol SP up 10 points since I shorted it...
  12. I am extremely worried...Brexit dropped the Dow 900 pts. I think this is 10 times worse. I think the US market may have just become "uninvestable". Markets hate uncertainty and I have never seen a greater prescription for market uncertainty than President Trump. (Can't believe I just typed those last two words.)
  13. How is this good news for CN4? Isn't stronger component prices in the face of low module prices the kiss of death for panel manufacturers?
  14. For any project over the past decade, the aggressive low prices bid in year X, have turned out to be relatively reasonable in year X + 2 (or +3) when they are actually built. I'm guessing the bidders are assuming this trend continues. Also it appears that module prices have dropped about 2-3 years worth in just the past 2-3 months. So maybe this is breakeven today, with the assumption that margin will develop over the next 2-3 years? In any event, I think we will see a dozen countries get to gigawatt/year scale in the next couple years if module prices hold at or below $0.40/watt (which implies sub $1/W installed utility scale).
  15. Anyone remember when GLBL has its next opportunity to miss filing financials? I'll be damned, but I'm actually doing better owning a yieldco that is not paying a dividend, or even reporting financials, than I was when both were happening...